Multi Level Back Stretcher

Multi Level Back Stretcher

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Product description

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Relieve your back pain & Improve Posture instantly 

With only 5 to 10 minutes per day, For 2 weeks of proper use. Back Stretcher relief back effectively. The best cost-effective solution to heal Chronic back muscles, Muscle stiffness from the comfort of your home

What results to expect?

Acupuncture Therapy To Increase Circulation, Relax And Reduce Stress

When you are laying down on the reliever, your spine decompresses increasing the vertebrae space, allowing fresh blood to flow in your spinal discs. To improve the effects, our back stretcher also uses 70 acupressure massage points that boost the blood flow even more. 


Stretching Therapy & 3 Stretch Levels

Stretching your back is a simple way to improve the health of your spine and release muscle stiffness. In order to improve the stretching experience, the device allows you to set up three different stretch levels for your comfort. 


How to use it?